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“Tickmarks’s leadership team embodies our culture of excellence. Our professionals are handpicked and work hard to help clients achieve peak performance and mission success. They all share a common commitment to quality and a dedication to crafting innovative solutions for our clients.” With a wealth of experience in accounting, finance and consulting, our leadership team delivers exceptional results for our clients and provides the strategic vision for Tickmarks.
Tickmarks Team
Sreevatsan Thandalam, Head of Operations, Tickmarks

“In todays world of global business, Tickmarks has successfully and consistently delivered top notch performance and seamless collaboration. Thanks to the wonderful team of dedicated and humble professionals that I have had the opportunity to work with, we have serviced clients across the Americas , MENA and South East Asia. Over the last decade we have perfected the recipe with Finance, business automation, technology and sheer elbow grease.”

Sreevatsan Thandalam
Head of Operations

Have had the opportunity to work with Tickmarks for over 5 years. The leadership team is very accommodative and rotates everyone across projects aligned with their goals and growth. I have enjoyed every aspect of leading an amazing team, working on challenging engagements and learning something new everyday

Harish Sivakumar
Manager, Client Accounting Services
Harish Sivakumar, Manager of Virtual Accounting Services at Tickmarks
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