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At Tickmarks, we use the power of advanced analytics to fundamentally change the way people do business. Combining superior analytics, clear strategic thinking, and top-tier talent, we have a proven ability to create innovative products that serve our customers respectfully and responsibly. We provide business analytics support using an integrated onsite/offshore business model.

Analytics as a Service

  • Analytics as a Service from Tickmarks enables business of any size to perform Business Intelligence in the Cloud turning large volumes of unstructured data into enhanced assets.
  • Tickmarks helps companies utilize our Domain Experts to process incredibly large volumes of data to find patterns, extract signals from background noise and make predictions.
  • Our Technology Specialists help extract large volumes of data
  • Our Domain experts categorize the data into useful clusters / categories
  • Our Visualization Tools helps Executives and Line Managers make Real Time Decisions

Process and Controls Analysis
Accounts Receivables(A/R)CAAT
Accounts Payable(A/P)CAAT
Inventory CAAT

Compliance Analytics
Fraud Analytics
Data Quality and Data Conversion
Payroll CAAT

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