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Services Offered

Tickmarks monitors employee expenses continually with the below-listed service offerings.
Adherence To Policies
Tickmarks helps in creating and refining your employee expense policy. We adhere and enforce the expense policy by comparing the expenses booked to the established policy standards. E.g., the maximum limit on miles reimbursement, expenses incurred on team outings, etc.
Expense Accounting
Be it the submission, reimbursement, interrogation, claiming, or reporting of expenses, we do it all! Tickmarks help to improve your company productivity levels by saving your employees from the mundane, time-consuming tasks like bulk approvals, analysis, and receipt management.
Compliance Adherence
We help you in ensuring compliance by detecting expense duplications, invalid claims, and non-compliance of policies before the reimbursement procedure starts. We protect your company from the risk of fraud by offering robust policy control measures and financial regulations.
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Expense Misclassification
Tickmarks analyses the keywords in the transaction description against the GL account the expense was booked. E.g., airline tickets Vs. airfare/travel expense account.
Reimbursement Services
We compare the expense reimbursements against the employee roster provided by HR for terminated employees and employees who are not a part of the roster.
Submissions Under Authority
Our expert services ensure that the submissions are always made under the authorization limits or receipt requirements. All the expenses are flagged under authorization limits and verified whether it is reasonable or fraudulent activity.
Spot Repetitive Charges
In case any repetitive charges are made to the same vendor, our expense management system helps identify purchase trends and create opportunities for business intelligence. The strategies are planned with respect to sourcing and spend optimization.

Control Expenses With Tickmarks

Tickmarks offers you a comprehensive employee expense management process that simplifies your approvals, reimbursements, and expenses. We focus on ensuring that your expenses are managed efficiently, risks are reduced, compliance is met, and your spending visibility increases. We have expense management professionals who are always a call away to offer you support and guidance whenever you need it. They come up with customized solutions that suit your changing needs, location, and people. They strive to find solutions to improve your employee expense management process. Get a real-time view of your expenses with Tickmarks!

Benefits : Ticking The Right Boxes

With our dedicated online accounting, you get a team of experts that take over the tedious tasks. Here’s what you gain by outsourcing bookkeeping.
  • Better control environment through reduced control circumvention (authorization limits, receipt limits, split expenses, etc.)
  • Better risk assessment for the employee expense audit process
  • Reduced exposure to fines and litigation (e.g., misclassification of expense vs. payroll / taxable items, reimbursement to prohibited individuals, etc.)
  • Improved data quality through clean-up of employee master file
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